Families' stories

We ask families what difference their volunteer made...

"Thank you for all of your help and support this year. You have made such a big difference to our lives and we will miss you so much"

Kirstie, Home-Start Mum

"My volunteer was a safety net over a short period of time when things became difficult in my life. I think just knowing that someone is coming to help is fantastic. Just gives a bit of time to get on top of things, or do an activity with the kids. Thank you Home-Start!"

Mary, Home-Start Mum

"My volunteer supported me through a difficult 18 months. I am in a much better place now"

Home-Start Mum who has an autistic child (April 2014)

"My volunteer reminds me just how far I've come since I started having support with my twin boys.  Jo, my volunteer, who also has twins, has taught me lots of strategies to cope and now they sleep much better"

Amy, Home-Start Mum

"My volunteer helped me so much I can't explain - she helped me with forms and letters, getting out, helped to sort out the house, helped me get to groups and when my circumstances changed helped me sort out all my benefits.

We also had fun together. She gave me a break, helped me have a rest. I feel like my volunteer has been my friend"

Jane, Home-Start Mum

"My volunteer helped me to get out of the house. She was someone I could talk to about my worries. She helped me with letters and forms and took the children to appointments.

I really looked forward to her visits and having someone I trusted to help me with my problems"

Holly, Home-Start Mum

"Without Home-Start I wouldn't be here. Jenny was there for me, she listened to me and helped like nobody else could. She has supported me in so many ways. I can't thank Home-Start enough for finding Jenny for me and the support Home-Start have given me"

Kerry, Home-Start Mum


Last year we supported 146 families in Norwich, including 258 children.

We ask for feedback when families finish their support with us.

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Before Home-Start I was very isolated, had no confidence and was unable to take my twins out alone. Since having my volunteer, I have been to playgroup with the twins on my own, to the park, and feel so much more confident and have also found a life long friend. Thank you Home-Start!


Home-Start parent

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